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I wholeheartedly encourage you to vote for Threase Harms for Windsor Heights City Council. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her in the Iowa State House for the past two years. She is has the ability to get the right information to make a decision in a timely matter. She is a forward thinker, extremely organized and very motivating. Her ready smile and positive attitude will propel the City forward. She knows the legislative process in Iowa which can help with the city/state issues that arise. She has impressed me with her caring attitude and energy. Vote Threase Harms November 3rd!

-Sally Gaer

I have known Threase Harms for many years. She will make a great city council member. I am asking you to consider voting for her. Thanks for your support. 

-Jerry Sullivan, Former Mayor of Windsor Heights

“The citizens of Windsor Heights would be lucky to have Threase working for us. She is a family-oriented woman with great leadership skills who will work to improve the education for our children in this community!”

-Kristie Lamphere, 11 year WH resident, teacher and mom of 3 

“I will be supporting Threase Harms because she believes in revitalizing Windsor Heights! Threase will listen to the citizens and make sure that every voice is heard and that we do what’s best for Windsor Heights! Her energy and drive is just what this city needs to make it an even better place to live and to truly make it the “Heart of It All.” Please Vote for Threase Harms!”

-Angie Piziali, 39 year WH resident, VP of the Windsor Heights Foundation, and Owner of Klassic Kids Daycare 

“Threase is exactly what we need in a city leader. She is smart, innovative, and well respected in the state of Iowa. She believes in continual improvement and strengthening our community. Her experience as a mother, a business owner, and her philanthropic work will provide a fresh perspective to the challenges the city is facing today.”

-Flo Hunter, Past Council Member, Past Citizen of the Year, Past WH Fire and EMS volunteer, Past Golden Apple Award winner 

“As a small business owner and resident of Windsor Heights, I believe that Threase has the skill set to improve our city for residents and businesses. There is so much potential for the future, we just need the right leadership to make it happen! Threase IS the right leader!”

-Mike Draper, 2.5 year WH resident and owner of RAYGUN 

“Threase has been our neighbor for 10 years and we have witnessed her as a great and involved neighbor, mother and business woman. She is a good listener and gives her undivided attention to people. Windsor Heights needs her skills, experience and enthusiasm! We will be voting for Threase and we hope you will too.”

-Greg and Karol Mauk, 34 year WH residents and 2005 Citizens of the Year 

“I would like to ask you for your support in voting for Threase Harms. I have known Threase for many years. She is a leader who knows how to work with others and get things done. She is committed and ready to serve the people of Windsor Heights.”

-Jerry Sullivan, Former Mayor

“As residents of Windsor Heights for almost 26 years, we are supporting Threase Harms. Her positive energy, community involvement and excellent communication skills will enable her to effectively work with all city leaders. Her initiatives to foster economic development, complete streets and improve relationships with schools will all strengthen the Windsor Heights community.”

-Sarah and Dean Boots, 26 year WH residents, 2015 Citizens of the Year 

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